Calibro 35 on Ninja Tunes' Solid Steel

Published on Venerdì, 08 Aprile 2016

Very few copies of "Bandits On Mars" / "CLBR35" Super Limited Clear 45 are now available on Bandcamp (it's an instant collector's item so be super fast) and listen to the explosive mix that CALIBRO 35 has put together for worldwide famous Ninja Tune' Solid Steel Web Radio Sessions.

Good news folks! There's a little bunch of copies of the ltd edition version of Bandits On Mars / CLBR35 on Bandcamp. The 45 was previously available in bundle only with Calibro 35 Italian Tour tickets pre-orders. The very few copies left are now available on Bandcamp. Be fast! "Bandits On Mars" is the first single from Calibro 35's new album "S.P.A.C.E." and is here available on a luxury ltd edition clear 45 vinyl. On the B side the amazing bonus track CLBR35. 500 copies have been pressed in total and these are the last 75. Regular black vinyl 45 is sold out. Also don't miss the wicked mix Calibro 35 has done for worldwide famous Ninja Tune' Solid Steel Radio Station webcats. Selected by Calibro 35 and mixed by Tommaso Colliva at Toomi Labs Studio in London.

"Having formed in Milan in 2007 as a one off studio project revisiting obscure Italian 60's B-Movie Soundtracks, they have now released 5 albums (including there latest S.P.A.C.E), multiple soundtracks and they've been sampled by Dr Dre and Jay Z. Not surprisingly their mix is pretty much an all Italian affair featuring Marc 4, Ritz Ortolani, Piero Umiliani, Rino De Filippi and Tony Esposito, plus music from White Noise, Archie Shepp and Raymond Scott".

Listen to Calibro 35's new album S.P.A.C.E. on Bandcamp | iTunes (DeLuxe edition) | Spotify | Amazon.

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