Milano Jazz-Dance Combo

by MILANO JAZZ-DANCE COMBO mp3 12/10/2009 RKX 027 8016670307341

RKX027 MILANO JAZZ DANCE COMBO (CD/LP/Digital). Get it on Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon

Produced by LO GRECO bros (Soulstance / Quintetto Lo Greco) together with Nick Recordkicks, MILANO JAZZ-DANCE COMBO is a brand new project heavily inspired by the great UK Jazz-dance scene of the early 80s and by all the real dancefloor jazz movements of the past 3 decades. For this new project Gianni&Enzo brought together some of the best musicians from the city's jazz scene into their Milan studio, located in the fancy Isola neighborhood distancing only 50 meters away from the legendary Blue Note club. The combo also features on vocals some true talents of today’s funk&soul scene like Colonel Red (Bugz in The Attik / Flowriders), Dionne Charles (Baby Charles), Alice Ricciardi (Nicola Conte), Roxie Ray (Dojo Cuts), Katharine Ruestow (The Diplomettes) and Felix. Expect a hot, fast and furious jazz-dance madness, full of rhythm, horns, percussions and groove. This is dancefloor jazz for true music lovers! Available on CD / limited edition LP / digital download.

"Every track is fantastic and a sure-fire winner". - DJ Snowboy

"A great album from beginning to end, perfect soundtrack for the summer! My personal favourite song is 'don't cry' featuring an inspired performance from Dionne Charles sounding like a proper jazz diva from another era!" - DJ Format

"Deep! Proper Jazz Dance music! Great stuff. Has that super laid back tight feel, takes you right there; straight in the club with a Cohiba in one hand and a girl in the other. And the drums are killin! Get on it!" TM Juke

"A classic slice of two step jazz dance paying tribute to the 80s jazz scene but also looking further back to greats such as Gil Scott Heron." Lois Wilson (Mojo magazine)

"Great production and some wonderful fresh tunes". - Dr. Bob Jones (Manifesto Mag)

"Great drums and brass with a very live feel .....this is club nu jazz for dancin feet!" -Nik Weston

"Dance floor jazz is BACK!! Did it ever go away? The Milano Jazz-Dance Combo combine timeless, sophisticated jazz for the feet with stirring soulful vocals to create something that feels classic yet exciting and brand new all at the same time. I'm in!!!"- Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s / Shook)

"It is so great to see Jazz dance truly alive in Italy via this Combo, highly recommended for the floor by the floor. Fantastico.."- Perry Luis (JazzCotech / Messin around)

"Yes yes. Jazzdance is back. Most definitely. Great album". - Michael Ruetten (Soulsearching / Compost)

"Jazz! The Milano Jazz Dance Combo is a classic masterpiece for all djs - collectors and just people with good taste! The warm piano sound brings you directly in the mood for listening to more good music like Ramsey Lewis! Can't wait to play this out - from vinyl! Just good!" - Henry Storch (Unique rec)

"Milan 'takes five' from fashion to bring effortless style to jazz. A Lush, deep and awfully groovy album"- Diesler (Tru Thoughts / Freestyle rec)

"Fingerpoppin.. timeless sounds for the dancefloor and well worth listening. A headnod towards classic 60s jazz but with a twist of today's sound and production". - Oliver Korthals (Mojo club)

"Superb - I'm delighted and relieved that an album of dance-floor jazz has been done properly. A winner from start to finish."- Lack Of Afro (Freestyle rec)

"Milano Jazz-Dance Combo truly swing! Effortless, beautiful and atmospheric songs that have 1 foot in the 60s and 1 foot firmly in the here and now. Liking this a lot." - Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz, Phonic FM)

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